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K&S Fabrication, LLC is a family-owned business located in Ogden, Utah and is also the parent company of Workhorse Trailers, LLC.  All makes and models of trailers are fabricated by K&S Fabrication.  We pride ourselves on making a high quality, long lasting trailer to fit your needs. Whether it's for work, hauling equipment, or for play, carrying UTVs...... either way, your trailer is designed to be the "Workhorse."

K&S Fabrication, LLC represents our family..... the "K" is for Khloe and the "S" stands for Stetson (our babies.) We are proud to be a growing business with an incredible team that we work with side by side everyday.  We love to be a part of a hard-working group that focuses on quality.     

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© 2020 by Workhorse Trailers, LLC. Proudly created with

© 2020 by Workhorse Trailers, LLC. Proudly created with

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